Time to get renewed!

We have a great crew of writers & photographers heading to Bunker Hill on the scenic Jacks Fork River for MSTA’s annual Creative Retreat Oct. 5-7. This is hands-down my favorite event of the year. We get the opportunity to enjoy God’s beautiful creation as the leaves turn colors, while renewing our minds & souls. There is something refreshing about spending a weekend with a bunch of creative people. We are thrilled to welcome YA author Brian Katcher and professional photographer Bill Helvey.


Keep learning

At last, the ShowMe Writers Masterclass is upon us. Chuck Sambuchino (Writer’s Digest) is the keynoter this weekend and a whole slate of talented people will be at the University of Missouri to share their insights. I am excited to learn more about writing screenplays. For me, these kinds of events are important. My creative juices get pumped. Even if I pick up just one new technique, or make connections with only one more person, I consider it a win. Life is spinning by so quickly we can’t just sit on the sidelines. We need to keep learning.

Catching up

After a wonderful time visiting old Fargo classmates and relaxing at the lakes in Minnesota, I am ready to get back into the real world. First, I want to share words from a Minnesota construction zone – I think they sum up the politeness of Minnesota – “Merge, take turns.” It was so refreshing to be up north again!

I am preparing to teach journalism this semester at the University of Missouri – the same institution where I earned my undergraduate degree. Talk about full circle! I just unearthed one of my first assignments for the very same class. I last taught journalism when we lived in Illinois and I am really looking forward to this opportunity.

I realize I never posted a blog interview from Ane Mulligan: http://www.anemulligan.com/2014/03/shifting-gears-sarah-kohnle.html

Dugout Dick

Idaho hospitality Inspiration often comes along when least expected. On a bike ride across Idaho, we crossed a bridge and came upon Dick and his rooms for rent in the mountain. I asked if I could take his photo, and he said, for a dollar. It was a good exchange, in my mind.