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Creativity in the midst of COVID-19

Now, in the middle of a pandemic, is the perfect time to do a creativity check. Sure, it might seem like the last thing you want to do, but it will be good for your soul to get those thoughts out of your head and onto paper. If you must, start out small, perhaps commit to 15 minutes of writing today. I know some people have broken out new journals to chronicle their thoughts during this unusual time. For me, that’s a little too daunting and exerting too much pressure on myself. Instead I have tried to write down some key thoughts in my regular journal (combination prayer journal and daily inspiration). Write down your observations, those things that are so common right now, like the empty shelves in the grocery stores & the price of gasoline. What are your fears & hopes? How is your family doing? What’s it like being at home, either alone or with your kids? Do you have elderly family members? What are the extra precautions you are taking? If you were around during 9/11, can you make any comparisons, maybe some of the shared emotions? What is this world event doing to your faith – making it stronger or creating more questions?
We have had a week or so of unsettledness and stress eating, and now it is time to take a step of faith.

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